We hereby announce that Control Union Certifications (CUC) is an AWS approved, independent audit and certification body and will conduct the certification audit for the below party according to the AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) Standard.
AWS is a global standard for entities willing to demonstrate their commitment towards ensuring (1) good water governance, (2) sustainable water balance, (3) good water quality status and (4) healthy status of Important Water-Related Areas. (5) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Party Address AWS Reg. No. Audit Date
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Vladivostok branch 2nd Shosseynaya str. 1a, Vladivostok, Russia 690054 AWS-000262 14-09-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Saint Petersburg branch Pulkovskoe highway 50, Saint Petersburg, Russia 196140 AWS-000268 16-09-21
Coca Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Samara branch 443044, Russia, Samara, Magistralnaya str, 80 AWS-000257 21-09-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Ekaterinburg branch 77А, Angarskaya str, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620050 AWS-000256 23-09-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Moscow branch 7, Novoorlovskaya str, Moscow, Russia, 11963 AWS-000275 28-09-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Novosibirsk branch Avtomobilistov passage 8, Novosibirsk district, Russia, 630526 AWS-000274 12-10-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Rostov-on-Don branch Centralnaya str. 3, Novoaleksandrovka village, Azovsky district, Rostov region, Russia, 346748 AWS-000276 14-10-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Multon branch Fruktovy proezd 1, Schelkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141100 AWS-000286 14-10-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Krasnoyarsk branch Severnoe Highway 28, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660118 AWS-000285 19-10-21
Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia Ltd, Istra branch 44, Dachnaya str, Davydovskoe settlement, Moscow region, Russia, 143521 AWS-000277 21-10-21

We kindly request any parties to contact us in case of any comment regarding the above certification request during the upcoming period (till audit date).
Interested stakeholders are hereby invited to make written or oral submission in respect of the application on the operations of the various sites and their impact on the water catchment of the area. Written submission including objective evidence should be sent to auditor. We are welcoming comments or any related queries to the following contact details:
Lead auditors: Mr. Aleksandr Kamsolov, Mrs. Evgenia Belenkaya
Email address:;
Office telephone: +7 495 601 90 89
We would like to turn your attention to the fact, that any oral / written submissions made in reference to the operation of the above party should be supported by objective evidence wherever possible.
Date of Publication: 20-08-2021

Автор : btamedia